Adopt a pipe

As an Organ Donor, you or your nominee can adopt a pipe and receive a handsome limited-edition certificate, signed by the Mayor of Auckland. If you wish, you will also be recorded as an organ donor in a handsomely bound record available for public view in the Town Hall.

We have grouped the organ’s 5,291 pipes into choruses that reflect their tonal characteristics. You can choose to adopt just one pipe or a pipe from each chorus to receive a certificate recognising your donation.

As the Auckland Town Hall Organ Trust is registered as a Charity with the New Zealand Charities Commission (CC30369), all Adopt a Pipe donations are tax deductible and a tax certificate will be sent with the acknowledgement of your donation.

You can Adopt a Pipe just by dropping an email to and tell us which pipe (or pipes) you would like to adopt.

Adopt a String Chorus Pipe $100
Adopt a Flute Chorus Pipe $200
Adopt an Orchestral Voices Pipe $250
Adopt a Trumpet Chorus Pipe $300
Adopt a Principal Chorus Pipe $350
Adopt a Family of 5 Pipes $1000