Orgelbau Klais

Johannes Klais Orgelbau  is one of the leading German organ builders and one of the largest organ-building firms in the world.  After 125 years of operation, the firm is still in the direct control of the Klais family and has a reputation for fine work.

At the Klais workshop, on the street where Beethoven was born, artisans hand craft every piece of an organ, from the smallest screw to the largest pipe. Klais organs are recognised as being technically superb. In addition, each is infused with a spirit that reflects its purpose and location.

“A pipe organ inspires people when it speaks their language. This is our principal challenge. We know that every human being is affected by his social, cultural and geographical surroundings, and that is why we always inspect the surroundings carefully when planning a pipe organ, to ensure that the Klais organ makes them reverberate — wherever the organ is installed the world over. This begins with the conception and architectural form, and continues with the stop list and the voicing, because a pipe organ is distinctive and can reach the heart of those for whom we build it — combined, of course, with a certain touch of zest for life embodied by the builder’s homeland on the River Rhine.”

Philipp CA Klais

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