Organ rebuilding project

Auckland Town Hall Organ Trust: Stephen Hamilton (Chairman), Doug Astley, Graham Coxhead, Patricia Goddard, Paul Harrop ONZM, Sue Harvey, Donald Trott ONZM

Organ Advisory Committee: Patricia Goddard (Chair), Doug Astley, Paul Harrop ONZM, Indra Hughes, Heath Lees, Kerry Stevens, Stephen Vincent, John Wells, Lloyd Williams

Organ Consultant: Ian Bell

Auckland City / THE EDGE® project team: The Mayor and Councillors; Officers: Leigh Redshaw, George Farrant, Justine Haves, Ronwyn Coulson, Peter Walker, Frank Woolf

THE EDGE®: Board, Management and Staff.


Hans Weichselbaum
Rees Osborne
Kerry Stevens
Neil Mander
Orgelbau Klais

Audio Excerpts

Radio New Zealand
Atoll Records
Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra