Welcome to one of the finest
   Concert Organs in the World

HIDDEN BEHIND the beautiful 1911 façade is an array of thousands of pipes, dozens of bellows and a network of sophisticated wiring and technology.  This organ has gained a reputation as one the world’s finest concert hall instruments: a reputation endorsed over the last five years by many visiting international organists.

It was not always so. In 1970 the original 1911 instrument was replaced with a new organ of a different style. But it was soon discovered that it could not fill the hall with sound.  In 2010 the ‘lost splendour’ returned with the Town Hall’s third organ – an instrument built to match its opulent surroundings.

While capable of playing the most exquisitely soft and serene music at barely a whisper it can once again produce a thrilling majestic sound when required.

For more than 100 years the Town Hall and its organ have been associated with concerts, choirs, orchestras, soloists, civic and corporate events, and graduations.  These can now continue thanks to Auckland’s première concert and meeting venue and its world-class organ.

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